Next Gen Business Statistics Platform

What is BizStats ?

BizStats applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to your business data in near real time. BizStats is a search based answering machine based on the questions asked in the natural language like "how is my sales trend ?". All the reports and analysis are done on the fly with the latest data availability.

Data Sources can be any of the following

  • Any Relational database [ Teradata , Oracle , DB2 , Sybase / SAP , MySQL , Postgrade SQL .. etc]
  • Any NoSQL database [MongoDB,Cassendra,ChouchDB,Hbase]
  • Any Graph database [Neo4j etc]
  • Any Bigdata environment [Apache Hadoop , Cloudera Hadoop , Horton networks Hadoop , MapR etc..]
  • Any ERP systems [ SAP,Oracle Apps,JDEdwards,Peoplesoft,CRM etc]
  • Any Cloud systems [ Salesforce , Workday .. etc]
  • Any OLTP system custom built
  • Social media sources
  • Any Public data sources [ US City,State,Zip data ,weather data .. etc]
  • Any external data sources [Competitor data , Fianancial data .. etc]

BizStats Usage

  • BizStats as Enterprise data warehouse reporting environment in near-real time
  • BizStats as operational analytics environment in near-real time
  • BizStats as Bigdata analytics environment in near-real time
  • BizStats as 360 degree view data provider
  • BizStats as Information provider to other systems through API
  • BizStats as integrate with existing reporting environment and enable searchable [Microstrategy,Cognos,Business Objects,Qlickview,Tabeleau ..etc]
  • BizStats as Top Management dashboard
  • BizStats as instant analytics answer provider to your business question
  • BizStats as mobilize your reports & Analytics
  • BizStats as voice enabled - Just talk to BizStats !
  • BizStats as Master data manager & data corrections
  • BizStats as Data Science insight provider
  • BizStats as Complex Event Processing (CEP) - to proactively act to the problem before it hurts the business.

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