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Experience BizStats Analytics right on your browser. It's just a text or voice Search Helping customers to make better business decisions daily

BizStats Artificial Intelligence Search

Text search generates and present your requested reports and visualization.

BizStats Natural language

Search by your own language bizstats will understand and recommend best reports for your search term. Just like speaking to your data architect

BizStats voice search

Instead of typing, just speak to BizStats.

BizStats Visualizes Your Data

Bizstats artificial intelligence recommends best visualization for the data set. After all, you have the option to choose any visualization.

BizStats Deep Dive into your Data

Catch the exact data set you are looking for, just a few clicks away.

BizStats Export. Share. Present your Data

Bizstats makes quick and easy preparation of your presentation.

BizStats intelligent dashboard

Frequently used reports available in your dashboard for easy monitoring of your Key KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) .

BizStats reports in near real time

Enterprise data warehouse, operational analytics environment and Big data analytics environment

BizStats 360 degree view

360 view Improves customer experience, retains profitable customers and deeper understanding of target audience

BizStats social media insight

Get the current social media trend about the product, brand name and customer experience, feedback, ideas instantly.

BizStats integrate with existing reports

It integrates with the existing reporting environment and enable searchable

BizStats Master data hub

Manages and correct your master data on the go

Helps business people make faster, better business decisions

Multiple Data Sources

The only business intelligence tool that lets business users easily combine large data sets. Reduce the burden on IT department to prepare the data

Configure On The Go

Our unified, organically developed, architecture is built on the core of a single meta data ensuring trust across any style of analytics and easy scalability as your business grows

Integrate Your Business Glossary

Define key Business metrics once, so people from across the organization utilize those defined measures and dimensions in useful and meaningful.

Natural Language Search

Search based data discovery, enable users to refine views and analysis of structured and unstructured data using search terms. Proprietary data structure from disparate sources

Intuitive Interface

User interface, enabling users to explore data without much training. Presenting the necessary data points with the best representation of the data with visualization.

Share Easily And Quickly

Enter a world where everyone in your organization can access insights, existing reports and work with a single version. web based so everyone can access, monitor, and interact with the same report.