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BizStats Cloud Quickest Deployment

Now small and medium enterprises no need to worry about the initial cost for deploying a Business Analytics platform with search capability.

Bizstats cloud enables, simple three step quick deployment process which makes possibles to up run the platform on the go from any type of data sources.

  • Upload or Connect Data sources
  • Organize and Configure
  • Get Analysis by just text or voice search

Why Bizstats cloud?

Now Bizstats is Running in the cloud. Store your data in the cloud. Access your Bizstats cloud from any where and any time. Now a days everything is happening from the cloud.

Anywhere at the other end of your internet connection, The place where your data can be stored securely and you can access via apps and services from any where on any device supports internet.

Some of the big reasons for Bizstats cloud

Maintenance Free

Very minimal effort on your part to get set run the bizstats cloud application platform. The effort for maintain and manage your platform is absolutely zero.

Instant Scalability

No need to worry about, running out of capacity. Any time you can increase the size of your storage, RAM and processors effortlessly as per your requirement.

Easy Accessibility

You can access Bizstats cloud applications platform from anywhere using the device with an Internet connection.

Now a days working on the go is most familiar than working in the static location. User needs more option to access application from various devices like Tabs and Smart phones.

This will make bizstats cloud is a felicitous place for you to run business software like Search based Artificial Intelligence Business Analytics platform – software that users assuredly access at any time, from any where, and on any device.

How Bizstats cloud Helps

No need of buying any hardware, No need to manage the hardware, No need to install software and update the software.

The hardware and software required is all the responsibility of the Bizstats cloud. we have experience and reliable resources, who will manage your cloud infrastructure and make sure the security of your valuable data. As a user just open the browser, sign in and start using Bizstats.

Bizstats cloud makes you even more mobile and collaborative. This will transform your business landscape. Today millions of organisations around the world rely on cloud services for everything from document creation and backup and accounts. Now Absolut-e introduces business analytics platform on cloud to concentrate more on your business.

Empowering You with self-service tools that explore data by just a search Bizstats cloud

No upfront cost

Implementing a new BI application incur hefty capital cost in servers and other hardwares to build in with the help of unavoidable consultants. In Bizstats cloud these upfront costs are adequately reduced. simply transform your huge capital cost to predictable monthly expense.

Fast Implementation

No more, months ands years of waiting to implementation of a new Business analytics platform. But in Bizstats cloud most of the small and medium enterprise applications are up, running and users start using the application in days and weeks.

Easy Scalability

In Bizstats cloud platform you can increase or decrease the number of system as per your requirement at any time. Pay only for what you use, and you Need not to worry about running out of capacity or maintaining the huge hardware.

Painless Maintenance

Upgrading the software, testing the applications consumes your IT department's time and cost, but with Bizstats cloud platform required none of these. It's all handled by Bizstats in the cloud, leaving your employees to concentrate more on your innovative business projects.

Access Anywhere

Bizstats Cloud Platform can be accessed securely from anywhere like office or home or where ever your are with internet connection and from any device like desktop or laptop or tablet or any smart phone with browser.

Reliable with best performance

You always have fastest access to the cloud infrastructure that you can most rely.