About BizStats

Tool Overview

Absolut-e BizStats is a decision maker’s web-based platform to get answers for the business questions instantly. Companies with hundreds of BI reports and self-service Business Intelligence (BI) have a hard time  finding the right answers to their business questions,

because they have to go through lots of canned reports and need to be aware of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), metrics, levels, hierarchies, dimensions and also proficient with the BI tool. Absolut-e BizStats provides the search capability for your BI inventory. It helps decision makers by presenting the necessary data points with the best representation of the data as information based on statistical modelling. Absolut-e BizStats also integrates external data like social media, and competitor’s data for better insight into company's health.

BizStats Features

  1. Search based and easy to use business information
  2. Integrated view of the necessary business data for the business question asked
  3. Best representation of the data using statistical representations
  4. Compared with competitors' performance
  5. Integrates social media data for additional insights
  6. Integrates with forecasting and predictions To Learn More Contact Us

Who Needs it ?

  1. Businesses who couldn't get the business answers quickly
  2. Businesses with discrete data infrastructure
  3. Businesses with more than 1 BI tool and unsatisfied decision makers.
  4. Businesses who couldn't get single truth of data
  5. Businesses who are not able to integrate internal and external data (competitor sales data, market leader data, position in market share)
  6. Businesses who don't have enterprise wide BI and big data environment
  7. Businesses who don't have prediction statistical capability
  8. Businesses who don't have a recommendation engine
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Why Absolut-e BizStats

Intelligent Report Generation

BI dashboards are just too complex or provide too little value in order to justify the time it takes to review them.


Infrequent users and less technically inclined business users do not use the Business Intelligence tool a few short months after the initial training because of time and complexity.

Easy to Learn

Senior management is too busy to learn and/or are intimidated by overly complex BI tools, and end up going back to their comfort zone - legacy systems' operational reports and Excel spreadsheets.

Simple Search

Infrequent users tend to forget most of the features, and end up either delegating the Ad-hoc reporting requests, or requesting monthly standard reports to be delivered.

and more...

End-user offloads the Ad-hoc requests to IT or more technically savvy users.
Extremely busy decision makers and c-level executives need readily-delivered information and should not waste time fiddling with technology.
Most companies don't have near real-time data warehouse implementation.
deciding between different metrics, and removing duplicate entries can prove an enormous drain of time and resources—especially for companies, which have implemented too many data warehouses, or data marts, that tell different stories about the same business processes or events.
business intelligence from an enterprise wide perspective instead use departmentalized business intelligence.

Natural Language Search

BizStats transform business questions into appropriate query automatically, triggers the query, and return the results in real-time with the best matching visualization.

You can deep dive and filter the results. Smart Insights enable you to automatically and instantly derive key business insights from your data, without having to spend hours or days in manual analysis. Let anyone leverage the power of analytics, without requiring knowledge of data modeling or coding experience. Create data sets easily from data residing across different database tables and across different data sources altogether. You don't have to worry about writing SQL.